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Name Repository Repository Stars Count Repository Last Update Repository Domain Categories Compatibility Frameworks Description
ABV Calculator 0 1628467200.0 Calculator 5 GTK3 ABV Calculator is a refractometer ABV calculator intended for beer or wine
Add Hours and Minutes 10 1688649923.0 Utilities 5 QtQuick A simple calculator app that adds times given in hours and minutes
Agregore Browser 643 1695540747.0 Web Browser 5 Electron A minimal browser for the distributed web
Alligator 7 1695600000.0 Feed Reader 5 Kirigami Alligator is a convergent RSS/Atom feed reader.
Almond 78 1693839491.0 Virtual Assistant 5 GTK3 The Almond Virtual Assistant, Linux desktop version
Amazfish 89 1694034895.0 Watch Companion 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Amazfish Bip support for SailfishOS
Amberol 80 Music Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita A small and simple sound and music player that is well integrated with GNOME.
Ambience 18 1674863651.0 Smart Home 5 GTK3, libhandy Control LIFX lights
Angelfish Webbrowser 10 1695600000.0 Web Browser 5 Kirigami Web browser for mobile devices
Anki 15150 1695605625.0 Education 4 QtWidgets Powerful, intelligent flash cards. Remembering things just became much easier.
Arianna 9 1695427200.0 Document Viewer 5 QtQuick, Kirigami EBook Reader
Audio Sharing 13 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Share your computer audio
AudioTube 10 1694995200.0 Audio Streaming 5 Kirigami Client for YouTube Music
Audiobook QML 3 1665611945.0 Audiobook Player 5 QtQuick Minimal audio book reader for mobile and desktop.
Authenticator 68 Multi-Factor Authentication 5 GTK4, libadwaita Generate Two-Factor Codes.
Axolotl 298 1695515165.0 Chat 5 Electron Axolotl is a crossplattform Signal client
Baconer 2 1650398845.0 Social Media 4 QtQuick, Kirigami Kirigami/ QT Reddit Client
BadWolf Web Browser 4 GTK3 Minimalist and privacy-oriented web browser based on WebKitGTK
Banking Banking 5 GTK4, libadwaita Banking application for small screens
Bavarder 197 1695540311.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Chit-chat with an AI
Behaim Globus 3 1695340800.0 Geography 5 Kirigami Old historic globes
Bible 13 1693329317.0 Bible 5 GTK4, libadwaita Bible app that supports multiple translations and languages
Birdie 28 1685793884.0 Alarm Clock 5 GTK3 Wakeup Alarm App for a Linux Phone
BlackBox 119 Terminal Emulator 5 GTK4, libadwaita A beautiful GTK 4 terminal.
Blanket 1041 1695579678.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Listen to different sounds
Bluetooth Connect 0 1695340800.0 Utilities 5 Tk Scan, add, edit and connect bluetooth devices on your linux phone
Breathing 49 1691365950.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Relax, focus, and become stress-free.
Briar Chat 5 GTK3, libhandy Secure messaging, anywhere
Buho 5 1694908800.0 Note Taking 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Maui Note Taking App
CRUMPET 26 1690208891.0 Smart Home 5 Kirigami App to control our new breed of animatroinic tails!
Calculator 0 1605198202.0 Calculator 5 Kirigami plasma mobile calculator application
Calindori 5 1694908800.0 Calendar 5 Kirigami Calendar for Plasma Mobile
Calligra Gemini 11 1695254400.0 Office 3 Kirigami Office and graphic art suite by KDE
Capsule 2 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Medication tracker for GNOME
Carburetor Network 5 GTK4, libadwaita GTK and Libawaita app for connecting to Tor network
Castor 0 1652400000.0 Gemini Browser 4 GTK3 A graphical client for plain-text protocols written in Rust with GTK. It currently supports the Gemini, Gopher and Finger protocols.
Cawbird 312 1691891507.0 Social Media 5 GTK3 Twitter Client
Celluloid 972 1695505588.0 Video Player 4 GTK4, libadwaita A simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
Chats 24 Sms, Chat 5 GTK3, libhandy Messaging application for mobile and desktop
Clans 2 1658448000.0 Chat 5 GTK4, libadwaita A Gtk4 / libAdwaita Discord client. Early WIP."
Clapper 602 1695505592.0 Video Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita A GNOME media player build using GJS with GTK4 toolkit. The media player is using GStreamer as a media backend and renders everything via OpenGL.
Clip 5 1694995200.0 Video Player 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Video player and video collection manager
Coast Maps And Navigation 5 Kirigami A nice and simple map viewer
Collision 118 1695159470.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Check hashes for your files
Color Palette 7 Development 5 GTK4 Colour Palette tool
Communicator 5 1694908800.0 Contacts 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Maui Dialer and Contacts Manager
Compass 2 1681430400.0 Compass 5 GTK3 This is a proof of concept of a simple compass app for Mobile Linux.
Confy 0 1694390400.0 Conference Companion 5 GTK4, libadwaita Conference schedules viewer
Console 56 Terminal Emulator 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop.
Contrast 17 Development 5 GTK4, libadwaita Checks whether the contrast between two colors meet the WCAG requirements.
Converter Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Convert and manipulate images
Cozy 1020 1695493624.0 Audiobook Player 5 GTK3, libhandy Listen to audio books on Linux
Crow Translate 1451 1695477178.0 Translation Tool 5 QtWidgets A simple and lightweight translator that allows to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex and Bing.
Curtail 304 1695364421.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Simple & useful image compressor.
Cuttlefish Video Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita GNOME PeerTube client
Date of Catholic Easter 4 1681493479.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Program for calculating the date of Catholic Easter
Daty 11 Utilities 4 GTK3, libhandy cross-platform advanced Wikidata editor
DayKountdown 5 1694908800.0 Utilities 5 QtQuick, Kirigami A simple date countdown app written for KDE Plasma, using Kirigami.
Decoder 22 Qr Code 5 GTK4, libadwaita Scan and Generate QR Codes
Delta Chat Desktop 821 1695560305.0 Chat 5 Electron Email-based instant messaging for Desktop.
Dialect 537 1695207510.0 Translation Tool 5 GTK4, libadwaita A translation app for GNOME based on Google Translate.
Dialer 7 1695340800.0 Telephony 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Dialer for Plasma Mobile.
Dictionary 7 Dictionary 5 GTK3 Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary
Dino 2118 1695558916.0 Chat 4 GTK4, libadwaita Modern XMPP Chat Client
Discover 12 1695600000.0 Software Center 5 Kirigami Kirigami-based software center
Drawing 701 1695565699.0 Drawing 5 GTK3 This application is a simple image editor using Cairo and GdkPixbuf for basic drawing operations.
Dukto 18 1692673974.0 File Transfer 5 QtQuick A simple multi-platform file transfer application especially designed for LAN users and which supports sending text, files or folders. It supports Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and more.
Déjà Dup Backups 25 System Utilities, Backup 5 GTK4, libadwaita Protect yourself from data loss
Ear Tag Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Edit audio file tags
Electrum 6598 1695567214.0 Bitcoin Wallet 3 QtWidgets, QtQuick Lightweight Bitcoin client
Elephant Remember 2 1633910400.0 Productivity 5 GTK3 Reminder app built for Phosh that syncs with Gnome-Calendar in the backend but is faster and more mobile friendly
Elisa 20 1695600000.0 Music Player 5 Kirigami Beautiful no-nonsense music player with online radio support
Emulsion 61 1686905081.0 Development 5 GTK4, libadwaita Stock up on colors
Endeavour 54 Productivity 4 GTK4, libadwaita Personal task manager for GNOME
Enroute 76 1694899717.0 Flight Navigation 5 Kirigami Enroute Flight Navigation is a mobile flight navigation app for Android and other devices.
Entangle 41 1682467200.0 Camera Utility 4 GTK3 Entangle camera control and capture
Epoka 1 1578027136.0 Clock 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Simple clock app in development, supporting stopwatch and timer until now
Errands 63 1695485823.0 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Manage your tasks
Euterpe GTK 3 1668611927.0 Audio Streaming 5 GTK3, libhandy Mobile and desktop client for Euterpe.
Eye of Gnome 19 Image Viewer 5 GTK3 This is the Eye of GNOME, an image viewer program. It is meant to be a fast and functional image viewer.
Fairy Tale 1 Document Viewer 5 GTK3, libhandy Read and manage your comics collection.
FeedReader 782 1695149967.0 Feed Reader 2 GTK3 FeedReader is a modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts.
Feeds 35 Feed Reader 5 GTK4, libadwaita Feeds is a minimal RSS/Atom feed reader built with speed and simplicity in mind.
Feeel 76 1682380800.0 Fitness 5 Flutter A cross-platform Flutter home workout app that respects your privacy
Fiery 2 1694908800.0 Web Browser 5 MauiKit, Kirigami A convergent web browser
File Shredder 37 1694714536.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Securely delete your files
Flare 57 1695427200.0 Chat 5 GTK4, libadwaita An unofficial Signal GTK client.
Flatseal 883 1695552668.0 Settings 5 GTK4, libadwaita Manage Flatpak permissions
Flatsweep 50 1695529079.0 Utility 4 GTK4, libadwaita Flatpak leftover cleaner
Flowtime 85 1695471912.0 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Get what motivates you done, without losing concentration.
FluffyChat (QtQuick) 25 1613174400.0 Chat 5 QtQuick FluffyChat is a chat client for Matrix, originally created for Ubuntu Touch
Fluffychat 219 1695584722.0 Chat 5 Flutter Chat with your friends
Foliate 4364 1695604263.0 Document Viewer 5 GTK3, libhandy A simple and modern eBook viewer
Font Downloader 136 1695250326.0 Font Downloader 5 GTK3, libhandy A GTK app that searches for Google Fonts and installs them.
Food Rescue App 10 1689439913.0 Food Rescue 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Convergent mobile+desktop application to help decide if food is still edible.
Footage 18 1687478400.0 Video Editor 5 GTK4, libadwaita Polish your videos
Forklift 18 1691230374.0 Video Downloader 5 GTK3, libhandy Video and audio download application
Fossil 28 1692150296.0 Gemini Browser, Gopher Browser 4 GTK3 A simple GTK Gopher/Gemini client written in Vala
Fractal 149 Chat 5 GTK3, libhandy Matrix group messaging app
Fragments 65 Bittorrent Client 5 GTK4, libadwaita A BitTorrent Client.
Francis 1 1695081600.0 Productivity 5 Kirigami, QtQuick Track your time
FreeTube 7655 1695591967.0 Video Player 4 Electron An Open Source YouTube app for privacy
Friendiqa Social Media 5 QtQuick Qt/QML App for Friendiqa
Frog 370 1695348898.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Extract Text From Anywhere
Frogr 0 Photo Management 5 GTK3 A Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME
Furtherance 176 1695326102.0 Productivity 4 GTK4, libadwaita Track your time without being tracked
Futify 8 1686700800.0 Audio Streaming 5 QtQuick, UbuntuComponents Native qml spotify client.
G4Music 29 Music Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita Play your music in an elegant way.
GHex 10 Development 4 GTK4 Inspect and edit binary files
GNOME Calculator 19 Calculator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Calculator for solving mathematical equations
GNOME Calendar 64 Calendar 4 GTK4, libadwaita Calendar application for GNOME
GNOME Calls 15 Telephony 5 GTK3, libhandy A phone dialer and call handler.
GNOME Characters 10 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Character map application
GNOME Clocks 23 Clock 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple clock application for GNOME
GNOME Contacts 26 Contacts 5 GTK4, libadwaita A contacts manager for GNOME
GNOME Disks 16 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy GNOME Disks, gnome-disk-image-mounter and gsd-disk-utility-notify are libraries and applications for dealing with storage devices.
GNOME Files (Nautilus) 138 File Management 5 GTK4, libadwaita A file browser for GNOME
GNOME Firmware 16 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Install firmware on devices
GNOME Maps 36 Maps And Navigation, Geography 4 GTK4, libadwaita Maps is a map application for GNOME.
GNOME Notes 11 Note Taking 5 GTK3, libhandy Note editor designed to remain simple to use
GNOME Screenshot 14 Utilities 4 GTK3 GNOME Screenshot is a small utility that takes a screenshot of the whole desktop, the currently focused window, or an area of the screen.
GNOME Settings 3 Settings 5 GTK3, libhandy GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop. Fork for librem5 specific settings
GNOME Software 69 Software Center 5 GTK4, libadwaita Software allows you to find and install new applications and system extensions and remove existing installed applications.
GNOME Sound Recorder 17 Audio Recorder 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple and modern sound recorder
GNOME Text Editor 70 Text Editor 5 GTK4, libadwaita Edit text files
GNOME Weather 27 Weather 5 GTK3, libhandy Monitor the current weather conditions for your city, or anywhere in the world.
GNOME Web (Epiphany) 81 Web Browser 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple, clean, beautiful view of the Web
GNUnet Messenger Chat 5 GTK3, libhandy A GTK based GUI for the Messenger service of GNUnet.
GPodder Adaptive 1169 1695323897.0 Podcast Client 5 GTK3, libhandy Media aggregator and podcast client for mobile and desktop alike
GadgetController 5 1687583669.0 System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Use your PinePhone as a USB gadget
Gajim Chat 2 GTK3 A fully-featured XMPP client
Games 15 Game Launcher 5 GTK3, libhandy Simple game launcher for GNOME
Geary 104 Email 5 GTK3, libhandy Geary is an email application built around conversations, for the GNOME 3 desktop.
Geopard 112 1694969559.0 Gemini Browser 5 GTK4, libadwaita Gemini browser in gtk4
Gerbil 1 1636070400.0 Gemini Browser 5 GTK3, libhandy Gerbil is a minimal gemini-client for linux and linux-mobile
Giara 34 Social Media 5 GTK4, libadwaita Giara is a reddit app, built with Python, GTK and Handy. Created with mobile Linux in mind.
Girens for Plex 13 Media 5 GTK3, libhandy Girens is a Plex GTK client for playing movies, TV shows and music from your Plex library.
Glide 186 1695271452.0 Video Player 4 GTK3 Linux/macOS media player based on GStreamer and GTK+
Glosbit 0 1554422400.0 Translation Tool 5 Kirigami Translation tool powered by
Glossaico 7 1693353600.0 Education 5 Kirigami Language learning application based on LibreLingo
Gnote 7 Note Taking 3 GTK3 Gnote started as a C++ port of Tomboy and has moved its own path later.
Goguma Chat 5 Flutter An IRC client for mobile devices.
Goodvibes 33 1693267200.0 Internet Radio 5 GTK3 A Lightweight Radio Player
Gradience 1022 1695576233.0 Utilities 4 GTK4, libadwaita Change the look of Adwaita, with ease
Grock 3 1624406400.0 Geology 5 GTK3, libhandy Displays geological maps of the UK.
Hackgregator 11 1678665600.0 News 5 GTK4, libadwaita Hacker News Reader
Hash-o-Matic Utilities 5 Kirigami Simple hash validator allowing to compare two files, generate the checksum of a file and verify if a hash matches a file.
Headlines 41 1664668800.0 Social Media 5 GTK4, libadwaita A GTK4/libAdwaita Reddit client written in C++
Health 21 Health 5 GTK4, libadwaita A health tracking app for the GNOME desktop.
Hermes Messenger Chat 5 Electron Unofficial Fb Messenger app for linux smartphone
Home Assistant Connect (HAC) 1 1644969600.0 Smart Home 5 QtQuick HA Connect is a simple web app for connecting to the web interface of an Home Assistant server.
Huely 7 1694901052.0 Smart Home 4 GTK3, granite, libhandy Control WiFi lights using this simple app.
ICE SSB 192 1691737973.0 Web App Laucher 5 GTK3 Tool to create Chromium/Chrome/Firefox/Vivaldi SSBs in Peppermint OS.
Identity 20 Image And Video Comparison 4 GTK3, libhandy Compare images and videos
Idok Remote 1 1645833600.0 Multimedia 5 QtQuick A simple Kodi remote that supports multiple Kodi instances.
Image Roll 171 1694983774.0 Image Viewer 5 GTK4 Image Roll is a simple and fast GTK image viewer
Imaginer 23 1695513600.0 Utilities, Content Generator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Imagine with AI
Index 10 1694995200.0 File Management 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Multi-platform file manager
Iotas 24 Note Taking 5 GTK4, libadwaita Simple note taking
Iridium 54 1691878172.0 Chat 4 GTK3, libhandy, granite Friendly IRC Client
Jami Chat, Telephony 4 QtQuick 6 jami-qt is the cross platform client for Jami.
Jami GNOME Chat, Telephony 4 GTK3, Clutter Jami-client-gnome is a Jami client written in GTK+3.
Jogger 7 1695513600.0 Fitness 5 GTK4, libadwaita Fitness tracker
Junction Utility 5 GTK4, libadwaita Application chooser
KAlgebra 1 1695168000.0 Education 5 Kirigami Graph Calculator
KBibTeX (Kirigami branch) 3 1694995200.0 Bibliography Editor 5 Kirigami KBibTeX is a bibliography editor (BibTeX and somewhat BibLaTex) used in conjunction with LaTeX and friends
KClock 11 1694908800.0 Clock 5 Kirigami Set alarms and timers, use a stopwatch, and manage world clocks
KDE Connect 50 1695600000.0 Connectivity 5 Kirigami KDE Connect is a multi-platform app that allows your devices to communicate (eg: your phone and your computer).
KDE Itinerary 10 1695600000.0 Travel, Public Transport 5 Kirigami Digital travel assistant
KDE Minuet 1 1694908800.0 Education 2 Kirigami A KDE Software for Music Education
KDeltaChat 0 1675123200.0 Chat 5 Kirigami DeltaChat client build with Kirigami
KMixtapez 0 1635465600.0 Music Player 5 Kirigami A Kirigami app for listening to mixtapes, albums & songs hosted on MyMixtapez dot com
KTrip 4 1695081600.0 Public Transport 5 Kirigami KTrip helps you navigate in public transport. It allows you to query journeys between specified locations.
KWeather 10 1695340800.0 Weather 5 Kirigami A convergent weather application for Plasma.
Kaidan 17 1695427200.0 Chat 5 Kirigami Kaidan - A user-friendly XMPP client for every device!
Kairo 1 1690156800.0 Timer 5 Kirigami, QtQuick Programmable timer
Kalendar Calendar 5 Kirigami A calendar application using Akonadi to sync with external services (NextCloud, GMail, ...)
Kalk 6 1695600000.0 Calculator 5 Kirigami Kalk is a powerful cross-platfrom calculator application built with the Kirigami framework.
Kamoso 5 1694908800.0 Camera 5 Kirigami Kamoso is a simple and friendly program to use your camera. Use it to take pictures and make videos to share.
Karlender 15 1693094400.0 Calendar 5 GTK4, libadwaita GTK calendar application
Karoto Shopping List 0 1687305600.0 Productivity, Utilities 5 PyQt6 A shopping list app for Linux mobile
Kasts 10 1695254400.0 Podcast Client 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Kirigami-based podcast player
KeePassPQ 1 1645660800.0 Password Manager 5 Kirigami, QtQuick KeePassPQ is a Python and QML based application to open KeePass (v4) databases on mobile devices.
Keepassk 0 1635033600.0 Password Manager 5 QtQuick, Kirigami A password manager for KDBX password databases.
Keysmith 5 1694908800.0 Multi-Factor Authentication 5 Kirigami OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop
Khronos 95 1695232727.0 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Track each task's time in a simple inobtrusive way
Kirigami Application 0 1617062400.0 Task Management 5 Kirigami, QtQuick A short summary describing what this software is about
Kirigami Gallery 6 1695254400.0 Development 5 Kirigami Example application which uses all features from kirigami
Kirogi 4 1694908800.0 Drone Control 5 Kirigami Kirogi is a ground control application for drones. Take to the skies, open source-style.
Kiwix Desktop 529 1695371128.0 Education 3 QtWidgets The Kiwix Desktop is a viewer/manager of ZIM files for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows Oses.
Klimbgrades 0 1694908800.0 Sports 5 Kirigami Conversion utility for the difficulty rating of rock climbs
Koko 7 1695600000.0 Image Viewer 5 Kirigami An Image Gallery application
Komikku 194 1695513600.0 Document Viewer 5 GTK3, libhandy An online/offline manga reader for GNOME, developed with the aim of being used with the Librem 5 phone.
Kompass 0 1632700800.0 Utilities 5 Kirigami Compass application for plasma mobile
Kongress 3 1694908800.0 Conference Companion 5 Kirigami Companion application for conference attendees
Kontrast 5 1694995200.0 Accessibility 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Tool to check contrast for colors that allows verifying that your colors are correctly accessible
Kookbook 1 1693094400.0 Recipe Management 5 Kirigami Simple application viewer based on markdown formatted recipes.
Krecorder 4 1694908800.0 Audio Recorder 5 Kirigami Audio recorder for Plasma Mobile and other platforms
Kube 3 1695168000.0 Email 2 QtQuick Kube is a personal information and communication application.
LLs Video Player (Plasma Mobile version) 0 1582416000.0 Video Player 5 Kirigami Video Player for Plasma Mobile
LaTre 1 1590633356.0 Utilities 5 GTK3 Assistant tool for GNOME Contacts. Do import contacts from VCard files, delete contacts.
Lemmur 268 1694196649.0 Social Media 5 Flutter A client for lemmy - a federated reddit alternative
Lemoa 107 1693927082.0 Social Media 5 GTK4 Gtk client for Lemmy
Lemonade 65 1694184457.0 Social Media 5 GTK4, libadwaita Follow discussions on Lemmy
Letterpress 1 Ascii Art Generator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Create beautiful ASCII art
Lingot 75 1695042950.0 Musical Tool 4 GTK3 LINGOT is a musical instrument tuner.
Liri App Center 28 1672890111.0 App Store 3 QtQuick, fluid App Center for Liri OS
Liri Browser 209 1695023091.0 Web Browser 5 QtQuick, fluid Liri Browser is a cross-platform, Material Design Web browser, currently in alpha stage.
Liri Calculator 24 1686363445.0 Calculator 4 QtQuick, fluid Liri Calculator is a cross-platform, Material Design calculator, currently in alpha stage.
Liri Files 78 1695134139.0 File Management 3 QtQuick, fluid Files is a tool for managing files
Liri Player 13 1659624759.0 Video Player 4 QtQuick, fluid Cross-platform media player
Liri Terminal 31 1685193796.0 Terminal Emulator 3 QtQuick, fluid A Material Design terminal.
Liri Text 82 1689606382.0 Text Editor 4 QtQuick, fluid Liri Text is a cross-platform, Material Design text editor, currently in alpha stage.
Lith 65 1695217028.0 Chat 5 QtQuick Multiplatform WeeChat relay client
Lobjur 13 1694129910.0 News 5 GTK4, libadwaita GTK4 client for
Lollypop 74 Music Player 5 GTK3, libhandy Lollypop is a modern music player for GNOME
Loop 4 Musical Tool 3 GTK4, libadwaita Simple audio loop machine application to create music
Lord Almighty's Modern Bible (LAMB) 0 1644969600.0 Bible 5 QtQuick Lord Almighty's Modern Bible (LAMB) is a cross platform Bible application.
Loupe 64 Image Viewer 5 GTK4, libadwaita View images
Malcontent-control Parental Controls 5 GTK3 malcontent implements support for restricting the type of content accessible to non-administrator accounts on a Linux system.
Maliit Keyboard 104 1694973401.0 Virtual Keyboard 5 QtQuick Maliit Keyboard, a free software virtual keyboard for Linux
Marble Maps 3 1695340800.0 Maps And Navigation, Geography 5 Kirigami Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about Earth
Marker 795 1695414289.0 Writing 5 GTK3, libhandy A gtk3 markdown editor
Markets 107 1694900106.0 Stocks 5 GTK3, libhandy Keep track of your investments
Master Key 5 1680480000.0 Password Generator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Master Key is a password manager application built with Python 3 and GTK that generates and manages passwords without the need to store them.
MaxControl 1 1571356800.0 Smart Home Needs Testing GTK3 Control software for Max!Cube family devices
Media Server Connect (MSC) 1 1634083200.0 Multimedia 5 QtQuick Media Server Connect is a simple web app for connecting to the web interface of an Emby server.
Megapixels 29 1695081600.0 Camera 5 GTK4 The GTK camera application
Mepo 0 1691884800.0 Maps And Navigation, Geography 5 SDL Fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux. Designed with the Pinephone & mobile linux in mind; works both offline and online.
Metadata Cleaner 119 1694390400.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Python GTK application to view and clean metadata in files, using mat2.
Metronome 0 Musical Tool 5 GTK3, libhandy A simple Metronome application for the GNOME desktop
Metronome 8 Musical Tool 5 GTK4, libadwaita Practice music with a regular tempo
MiTubo 5 1679961600.0 Video Player 5 QtQuick A native video player for YouTube videos.
Millipixels 5 Camera 5 GTK3 A camera application for the Librem 5.
Mirage 409 1694662184.0 Chat 5 QtQuick A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Qt/QML & Python Matrix chat client for encrypted and decentralized communication.
Moment 12 1693785600.0 Chat 5 QtQuick Customizable and keyboard-operable Matrix client
Monophony 57 1695340800.0 Music Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita Stream music from YouTube
MooTube 6 1661795212.0 Video Player 5 GTK3 A YouTube App for Mobile Linux.
Moonlander Gemini Browser 4 GTK3 Just another 'fancy' Gemini client.
Mousai 835 1695398450.0 Multimedia 5 GTK4, libadwaita Simple application for identifying songs
Mt 38 1631923200.0 Terminal Emulator 5 GTK3, libhandy A terminal written in Rust and gtk-rs
Mumble 5605 1695601988.0 Voice Chat 2 QtWidgets Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application.
MyGNUHealth Health 5 Kirigami MyGNUHealth is the GNUHealth Personal Health Record application for desktop and mobile devices that integrates with the GNU Health Federation."
Mycroft 0 1537937764.0 Voice Assistant 5 Kirigami Mycroft Kirigami Application for Plasma Mobile
Myuzi Music Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita Stream music from YouTube with no ads.
NeoChat 44 1695600000.0 Chat 5 Kirigami, QtQuick A client for matrix, the decentralized communication protocol.
NewsFlash 439 1695600000.0 Feed Reader 5 GTK4, libadwaita Keep up with your feeds
Nextcloud-Plasma-Mobile-login 0 1563753600.0 Cloud Syncing 5 Kirigami A test project to create webview login for nextcloud accounts on Plasma Mobile.
Nheko 1602 1695596406.0 Chat 5 QtQuick Desktop client for the Matrix protocol
Nota 6 1694995200.0 Text Editor 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Nota is a simple text editor for desktop and mobile computers.
Notejot 355 1695470685.0 Note Taking 5 GTK4, libadwaita Stupidly-simple notes app.
Notorious 13 Note Taking 5 GTK3, libhandy Keyboard centric notes
Numberstation 0 1677110400.0 Multi-Factor Authentication 5 GTK3 A Gnome Authenticator clone.
ONVIFViewer 32 1622678400.0 Camera 5 Kirigami View and control network cameras using the ONVIF protocol
OSM Scout Server 142 1694161754.0 Maps Server 5 QtQuick, Kirigami, Silica Maps server providing tiles, geocoder, and router
OTPClient 391 1695115940.0 Multi-Factor Authentication 5 GTK3 GTK+ application for managing TOTP and HOTP tokens with built-in encryption.
Obfuscate 18 Privacy, Utilities 3 GTK4, libadwaita Censor private information.
Okular 36 1695600000.0 Document Viewer, Pdf Viewer 5 Kirigami Okular is a universal document viewer developed by KDE.
Olifant (Fork for phones) 2 1596455764.0 Social Media 3 GTK3, granite A fork of Olifant to make it kind of pleasant to use on the linux phone.
OnionShare 5712 1695599979.0 File Transfer, Chat 3 QtQuick Securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network
OpenTodoList 38 1694476800.0 Productivity 5 QtQuick A Todo List and Note Taking Application.
OptiImage 0 1695513600.0 Utilities 5 QtQuick, Kirigami An image optimizer based on optipng.
Organizer 5 File Management 5 GTK3, libhandy Organizer is a GTK Python app to organize your files into neat categories! It does so by the filetype.
Osmin 59 1694608145.0 Maps And Navigation 5 QtQuick GPS Navigator On-Road/Off-Road for Android, Sailfish and Linux phones
PDF Arranger 2462 1695589450.0 Office 4 GTK3 Simple App to split, rotate, rearrange PDFs
PGallery 2 1680582564.0 Image Viewer 5 GTK3 A dead simple photo gallery made for Pinephone. Built with Vala and Gtk
Packuru 4 1646265600.0 File Management Needs Testing Kirigami, QtQuick Archive manager written in C++/Qt
Pamac 10 App Store 5 GTK3, libhandy Graphical Package Manager for Manjaro Linux with Alpm, AUR, Appstream, Flatpak and Snap support
Paper 86 1674000000.0 Note Taking 5 GTK4, libadwaita Take notes in Markdown
Paper Plane 775 1695505590.0 Chat 5 GTK4, libadwaita Chat over Telegram on a modern and elegant client
PassUi Password Manager 5 WxWidgets PassUi is a free and open source graphical user interface for the standard unix password manager written in python, with small screens in mind.
Passes 50 1693482428.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita A digital pass manager
Passgen 3 1656079582.0 Password Generator 5 QtQuick Password generator written using Qt Quick Controls 2
Password Password Generator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Strong Password for Maximum Security
PasswordSage 0 1598054400.0 Password Manager 5 GTK3, libhandy A password manager geared towards mobile screens. It uses GTK as framework and parses .kdbx files (version 3.1 and 4).
Peruse 7 1694908800.0 Document Viewer 5 Kirigami A comic book viewer based on Frameworks 5, for use on multiple form factors
Phonic Audiobook Player 5 GTK3, libhandy Phonic is a GTK audiobook player targeted at mobile Linux.
Phosh Antispam 8 1686182400.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Phosh Antispam is a program that monitors Gnome calls and automatically hangs up depending on the user's preferences.
Phosh Look 0 System Utilities 5 GTK3 Phosh look manages ~/.config/gtk-3.0 with preset themes
Phosh Mobile Settings 0 System Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Advanced settings for Mobile devices using Phosh
PicPlanner 10 1682380800.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Calculate the position of the Sun, Moon and Milky Way to plan the position and time for a photograph.
Pidif 19 1694381865.0 Pdf Viewer 5 GTK4 A lightweight PDF viewer built for touch interfaces, with GTK4 and Rust
Pika Backup 73 Backup, System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Simple backups based on borg
Pikasso 2 1694908800.0 Drawing 5 Kirigami, QtQuick Simple drawing programs using Kirigami for the UI and Rust for the rendering.
Pine Pass 3 1643902277.0 Password Manager 5 GTK3 GUI for written with Python and GTK. Originally written for the PinePhone but should be compatible with most Linux distros.
PineBattery 10 1679195443.0 Utilities 5 GTK3 GTK app for monitoring the PinePhone and PineTab battery.
Pinephone MPV 0 1693785600.0 Image Viewer, Media, Music Player, Video Player 5 Tk A simple wrapper for MPV for the Pinephone and other Linux mobile devices. Includes On Screen Controls for MPV adapted for the Pinephone.
Pipeline 3 1695513600.0 Multimedia 5 GTK4, libadwaita Watch YouTube, LBRY, and PeerTube videos in one place
Pithos 494 1694190784.0 Internet Radio 3 GTK3 A Pandora Radio Client
Pix 4 1695081600.0 Image Viewer 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Convergent image and gallery viewer.
Planner 2361 1695584692.0 Productivity 5 GTK3, Granite Never worry about forgetting things again
Plano 1 1638990002.0 Calculator 5 GTK4, libadwaita Calculate slope and midpoint for a Plane
Plasma Camera 3 1694908800.0 Camera 5 Kirigami Camera application for Plasma Mobile.
Plasma Mobile Phonebook 4 1694908800.0 Contacts 5 Kirigami Phone book for Plasma Mobile.
Plasma Mobile Settings 7 1694908800.0 Settings 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Settings application for Plasma Mobile.
PlasmaTube 11 1695168000.0 Video Player 5 Kirigami Kirigami YouTube video player based on QtMultimedia and youtube-dl
Podcasts 60 Podcast Client 5 GTK4, libadwaita Listen to your favorite shows
Polari 23 Chat 5 GTK4, libadwaita Polari is a simple IRC Client that is designed to integrate seamlessly with GNOME
Portfolio 83 1694540190.0 File Management 5 GTK4, libadwaita Manage files on the go
Powersupply 7 1684800000.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Linux power subsystem debugger
Powertrack 0 1679746946.0 Utilities 5 GTK3 Tool to track battery statistics.
Prepaid manager Mobile Service Utility 5 GTK3 Prepaid-manager-applet (ppm) is an applet for the GNOME Desktop that allows you to check and top up the balance of GSM mobile prepaid SIM cards.
Public Transport 11 1679443200.0 Public Transport 5 GTK4, libadwaita Bring Real time information for public transportation (currently in Germany) to Linux phones/the Linux desktop
Punchclock 5 1675900800.0 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Track time for your tasks.
Pure Maps 228 1695382493.0 Maps And Navigation 5 QtQuick, Kirigami, Silica Maps and navigation
Pyrocast 11 1695255745.0 Podcast Client 5 GTK3, libhandy Another podcast app for Linux phones (e.g., Pinephone)
QField 628 1695201100.0 Geography 5 QtQuick A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS. Perfect for field work on portable touch devices.
QHumble 1 1655730027.0 Utilities Needs Testing QtQuick Qhumble allows retrieving any content purchased from Humble Bundle that is DRM-Free.
QMLKonsole 4 1694908800.0 Terminal Emulator 5 Kirigami Terminal app for Plasma Mobile
QPrompt 239 1695383741.0 Teleprompter 3 QtQuick, Kirigami Personal teleprompter software for all video makers
QiFlora Smart Home 5 Kirigami Mobile friendly application to monitor Mi Flora devices.
Qrca 4 1694908800.0 Qr Code 5 Kirigami QR code scanner for Plasma Mobile
Qt Virtual Keyboard Virtual Keyboard 5 QtQuick The Qt Virtual Keyboard project provides an input framework and reference keyboard frontend for Qt 5 on Linux Desktop/X11, Windows Desktop, and Boot2Qt targets.
QtWebBrowser Web Browser 5 QtQuick Qt WebEngine based browser for embedded touch devices.
Quadrix 64 1695421925.0 Chat 5 ReactXP, Electron Minimal, simple, multi-platform chat client for the Matrix protocol
Quick Lookup 84 1694195882.0 Dictionary 4 GTK3 Quick Lookup is a simple GTK dictionary application powered by Wiktionary
Quick Weather 1 1656368212.0 Weather 5 QtQuick Quick Weather QML Qt application
Quickddit 51 1683338538.0 Social Media 5 QtQuick A free and open source Reddit client for mobile phones.
Qwertone 8 1637452800.0 Musical Tool 3 GTK3 Turns your PC into music instrument
Railway 14 1695513600.0 Public Transport 5 GTK4, libadwaita Travel with all your train information in one place
Random 10 1662854400.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Make randomization easy
Rattlensnake 3 1691366400.0 Musical Tool Needs Testing Kirigami Rattlesnake is a metronome app for mobile and desktop.
Reactions 9 1659225600.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita GIF search for GNOME desktop and mobile devices.
Read It Later 19 Document Viewer 5 GTK3, libhandy A Wallabag Client
Readerview Gemini Browser 3 GTK4 A mobile-ready gpu-accelerated gemini browser.
Reminders 85 1695393590.0 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Set reminders and manage tasks
Rhythmbox 22 Music Player 3 GTK3 Rhythmbox is a music playing application for GNOME.
Ring-KDE 0 1593216000.0 Chat, Telephony Needs Testing QtQuick, Kirigami Ring-KDE is a Qt based client for the Ring daemon.
Rocket 0 1636588800.0 Gemini Browser 5 GTK3, libhandy GTK Gemini browser
Roger Router 46 1682640000.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Roger Router is a utility to control and monitor AVM Fritz!Box Routers.
Run Free! 0 1633996800.0 Utilities 5 GTK3 Running log app built for Phosh with some basic analysis of your running schedule
SBB 7 1670949447.0 Public Transport 5 GTK3, libhandy A simple gtk app to get timetable information for swiss public transport.
Satellite 4 1695427200.0 Geography 5 GTK3, libhandy Check your GPS reception and save your tracks
SciTEQt 58 1695384884.0 Text Editor 5 QtQuick A port of the SciTE text editor to the Qt QML/Quick, which is optimized for touch devices.
Scrum Poker 1 1617537801.0 Utilities, Development 5 GTK3, libhandy A small gtk app to help estimate the effort for a task.
ScrumPoker 4 1603809208.0 Project Management Tool 5 GTK3, libhandy ScrumPoker is a simple and useful scrum planning poker App. It helps you by making your estimation meetings more effective.
Seahorse 24 Key Management 5 GTK3, libhandy A password and encryption key manager for GNOME.
Secrets 79 Password Manager 5 GTK4, libadwaita Secrets is a password manager which integrates perfectly with the GNOME desktop
Shelf 4 1694908800.0 Document And Ebook Manager 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Maui Library - Document and EBook Collection Manager
Shipments 0 1657929600.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy A python library and a GTK3 mobile/desktop application for tracking multiple shipments.
Shopping List 1 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita A shopping list application for GNU/Linux mobile devices
Shortwave 74 Internet Radio 5 GTK4, libadwaita Listen to internet radio
Signal Desktop 13555 1695609080.0 Chat 5 Electron Signal – Private Messenger for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Simple Diary 9 1685202285.0 Note Taking, Diary 5 GTK4, libadwaita Simple and lightweight diary app.
Smile 134 1694685999.0 Emoji Picker 5 GTK4, libadwaita An emoji picker
Social 26 Social Media 5 GTK4, libadwaita A Mastodon and Pleroma application for GNOME
Solanum 25 Productivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita A pomodoro timer for the GNOME desktop
Songrec 1038 1695386325.0 Multimedia 4 GTK3 An open-source, unofficial Shazam client for Linux, written in Rust.
Sonically Audio Streaming 5 GTK4 Native client implementing subsonic API (audio streaming) using opus
Space Launch 2 1679184000.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy When will the next rocket soar to the skies?
SpaceBar 9 1694908800.0 Sms, Chat 5 Kirigami SMS/MMS application for Plasma Mobile
Spectral 153 1610496000.0 Chat 3 QtQuick A glossy cross-platform Matrix client.
Speech Note 81 1695603617.0 Note Taking, Text To Speech, Speech To Text 5 QtQuick, Silica Note taking and reading with Speech to Text and Text to Speech
Spot 2066 1695607827.0 Audio Streaming 5 GTK4, libadwaita Native Spotify client for the Gnome desktop
Spotipyne 3 1611446400.0 Audio Streaming 5 GTK3, libhandy Gtk Spotify client written in python made to be compatible with mobile formfactors like a pinephone.
Squeekboard 11 Virtual Keyboard 5 GTK3 The final Librem5 keyboard
Station 5 1694995200.0 Terminal Emulator 5 MauiKit, Kirigami This control is based on QMLTermWidget and currently it only works for GNU Linux. Android support might come later on.
Stellarium 5062 1695587368.0 Entertainment 3 QtWidgets Stellarium is a free GPL software which renders realistic skies in real time with OpenGL.
Store Cards 0 1693094400.0 Utilities 5 Tk Keep all your store cards on your linux phone
Stream 3 Video Player 5 GTK3, libhandy A YouTube client written in Python
Strike 0 1694908800.0 Development 5 MauiKit, Kirigami Strike is a simple minimal IDE for the Linux phones. Code, build, and run from the phone.
Sublime Music 68 1695345693.0 Audio Streaming 3 GTK3 A native Subsonic client for Linux
Subsurface 2482 1695572292.0 Sports Needs Testing Kirigami Manage and display dive computer data
Sums 3 1693440000.0 Calculator 5 GTK4, libadwaita A postfix calculator
Swatch 2 Development 5 GTK4, libadwaita Color palette manager.
Syncthing GTK 22 1695588669.0 File Transfer, File Sync 2 GTK3 GUI and notification area icon for Syncthing
Syndic 11 1694136866.0 Feed Reader 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Convergent feed reader for Plasma and Android
TV Guide 2 1572134400.0 Tv Guide 5 GTK3, libhandy TV Guide for GNOME
Tangram 824 1695500564.0 Web Browser 5 GTK4, libadwaita Browser for your pinned tabs
Tasks 2 1695513600.0 Productivity 5 Kirigami Simple task list
Telegram Desktop 22635 1695608778.0 Chat 4 QtWidgets Telegram Desktop messaging app
Telegraph 24 1689414028.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Write and decode morse
Teleport 16 File Transfer 4 GTK3, libhandy Send files on the local network
Teleprompter 16 1693979681.0 Teleprompter 4 GTK4, libadwaita Display scrolling text on your screen
Telly Skout 3 1695513600.0 Tv Guide 5 Kirigami Convergent TV guide based on Kirigami.
Text Pieces 178 1695291540.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Transform text without using random websites
ThiefMD 123 1695488850.0 Text Editor 5 GTK3 The markdown editor worth stealing. Inspired by Ulysses, based on code from Quilter
Thumbdrives 0 1677110400.0 System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Thumbdrive and ISO emulator for phones
Timetrack 8 Productivity 4 GTK3, libhandy Simple timetrack app for GNOME
Tinge Smart Home 5 WxWidgets Tinge is a mobile first application for controlling Philips Hue lights on Linux
Tok 9 1649980800.0 Chat 5 Kirigami KDE's convergent Telegram client.
Tokodon 10 1695600000.0 Social Media 5 Kirigami Tokodon is a Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile
Tootle 407 1693631334.0 Social Media 5 GTK3, libhandy GTK-based Mastodon client for Linux
Tuba 354 1695594084.0 Social Media 5 GTK4, libadwaita Browse the Fediverse
VVave 12 1694995200.0 Music Player 5 MauiKit, Kirigami VVAVE will handle your whole music collection by retrieving semantic information from the web.
Vakzination 6 1694908800.0 Health 5 Kirigami Vakzination manages your health certificates like vaccination, test, and recovery certificates.
Valent 306 1695582744.0 Connectivity 5 GTK4, libadwaita Connect, Control and Sync Devices
Vehicle Voyage Utilities 5 QtQuick, Kirigami Cross platform app to track vehicle history.
Video Downloader 556 1695553228.0 Video Downloader 5 GTK3, libhandy Download videos from websites like YouTube and many others (based on youtube-dl)
Video Trimmer 34 Video Editing 5 GTK4, libadwaita Trim videos quickly
Visual Voicemail 8 1686960000.0 Visual Voicemail 5 GTK3, libhandy Visual Voicemail Player
Warp 35 File Transfer 5 GTK4, libadwaita Fast and secure file transfer
Warpinator 963 1695485671.0 File Transfer 5 GTK3, xapps Share files across the LAN
Wasp Companion 3 1689801354.0 Watch Companion 5 GTK3, libhandy Companion app for wasp-os
WatchMate 22 1675468800.0 Watch Companion 5 GTK4, libadwaita PineTime smart watch companion app for Linux phone and desktop
Weather Mobile 19 1678309883.0 Weather 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple GTK weather app to play with Linux Mobile development in GTK4 and OpenWeather API.
Web Archives 83 1694898508.0 Education 5 GTK3, libhandy A web archives reader
Whale 1 1674777600.0 File Management 5 Kirigami Whale is actually a very simple file explorer using Kirigami
WhatIP 13 Network 5 GTK4, libadwaita Info on your IP
WhatsWeb 7 1685376069.0 Chat 5 Electron WhatsWeb [WhatsApp Web] for Mobile Linux Devices
White Noise Mobian 0 1632700800.0 Utilities 5 GTK3, SDL Basic white noise app for Mobian
Wifi2QR 0 1613174400.0 Utilities 4 GTK4 Display QR codes to easily connect to any Wifi for which a NetworkManager connection profile exists.
Wike 190 1694900575.0 Education 5 GTK4, libadwaita Search and read Wikipedia articles
Wince 0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Search for restaurants and businesses
Wiremapper 6 1650758400.0 Network 5 GTK3, libhandy GTK3 frontend for the Pockethernet
Wordbook 73 1691230126.0 Dictionary 5 GTK4 Lookup definitions for any English term
Workflow 16 1686009600.0 Health 5 GTK3, libhandy A screen time monitor app for Linux. Needs ActivityWatch to be installed
YOGA Image Optimizer 119 1694900534.0 Utilities 3 GTK3 YOGA Image Optimizer is a graphical user interface for YOGA Image that converts and optimizes the size of JPEGs, PNGs and WebP image files.
Yishu 35 1685334603.0 Productivity 3 GTK3, libhandy, granite [DEPRECATED] A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client.
YouPlay 14 1688774400.0 Music Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita Search, download and play music from YouTube.
alrisha 0 1592092800.0 Gemini Browser 5 QtQuick an experimental Qt/QML destkop browser for Gemini
blabber 5 1620362182.0 Social Media 5 Kirigami QML Kirigami based Mastodon client
cadet-gtk 6 1614643200.0 Chat Needs Testing GTK3, libhandy A GTK based GUI for the CADET subsystem of GNUnet.
caerbannog 0 1640476800.0 Password Manager 5 GTK3, libhandy Frontend for password-store
cpupower-gui 360 1695484741.0 System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Change the scaling frequency limits of your CPU
dragonstone 1 1646956800.0 Gemini Browser, Gopher Browser 5 GTK3 A simple GTK Gopher/Gemini client written in Vala
eOVPN 53 1694955100.0 System Utilities 4 GTK3 OpenVPN Configuration Manager
gPodder QML UI 18 1660278722.0 Podcast Client 5 QtQuick gPodder 4 QML UI Reference Implementation
gedit 42 Text Editor 5 GTK3 Legendary text editor since 1998
gtkbart 1 1648472845.0 Public Transport 5 GTK3, libhandy Public transportation client for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system
gtkcord3 629 1695563411.0 Chat 4 GTK3, libhandy A lightweight Discord client which uses GTK3 for the user interface.
gtkcord4 690 1695596991.0 Chat 5 GTK4, libadwaita GTK4 Discord client in Go.
hamlocator 0 1653696000.0 Utilities 5 GTK4, libadwaita Display a maidenhead locator
loyaltyCardsOpen 8 1678044353.0 Loyalty Cards 5 GTK3 Linux App to save and view all your loyalty cards and any kind of card. Ready to use with a Linux Phone.
mobpass 0 1588636800.0 Password Manager 5 QtQuick A mobile interface for gopass
modRana 66 1692658251.0 Maps And Navigation, Geography 5 QtQuick ModRana is a flexible GPS navigation system for mobile devices.
pass-manager-compact 5 1691625600.0 Password Manager Needs Testing GTK3 Compact GUI for pass to be useable for smartphones
phom 0 Virtual Input Device 3 GTK3 Quick hack to have a virtual mouse
pods 7 1682278076.0 Podcast Client 3 iced Cross platform Podcast app targetting the pinephone specifically (in early development)
postmarketOS Backup 3 1632009600.0 Backup, System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy A backup application that integrates with apk to quickly backup and restore your system state in postmarketOS
postmarketOS Tweaks 6 1693958400.0 System Utilities 5 GTK3, libhandy Application for exposing extra settings easily on mobile platforms
qalender 3 1621562820.0 Calendar 5 QtWidgets Qalendar is Qt5 implementation of the Maemo Calendar
siglo 146 1694031709.0 Watch Companion 5 GTK3 GTK app to sync InfiniTime watch with PinePhone
signal-rs Chat 5 Kirigami A Rust-based signal app with a QML/Kirigami frontend.
tvtoday 0 1617794351.0 Tv Guide 5 GTK3, libhandy A application to inspect the television program of today. Made for the pinephone.
vgmms 0 1689033600.0 Chat Needs Testing GTK3, libhandy vgtk-based SMS+MMS client
virtboard 4 Virtual Keyboard 5 Cairo A basic keyboard, blazing the path of modern Wayland keyboards. Sacrificial.
wake-mobile 4 Alarm Clock 5 GTK3 Proof-of-concept alarm app that uses systemd timers to wake up the system
µPlayer 2 Video Player 5 GTK4, libadwaita A simple GTK4 based video player for mobile phones